The Way We Wait as Cinematographer

Desperately building against the inevitability of time, a restless young woman is awaiting another upcoming loss. But maybe more important things never seem to be told.

Soon after the director moves into her 22nd house, she gets a phone call that her Grandma, who lives far away, is in a critical condition. Elsewhere, a huge apartment made of sand is being constructed as the tide rolls in, while she belatedly tries to build a relationship with her Gran. As the camera sensitively observes how we wait for the upcoming days, the film embraces the fragility of life, full of uncertainty.

I worked with Ji Yoon Park to tell a complex story of loss through various strands; providing support to her both through filming itself, and also providing equipment for her to tell her own story (including my first camera, a Canon XL1S).

I also graded the film for her. 

Watch the trailer.