I remember once you needed me

I remember how we watched
the skies change, and we said goodbye
I remember, I remembered to wait.

A director assembles a group of young men to meet under the watchful gaze of a documentary film crew, he is creating an elaborate re-staging of a sexual assault that occurred to him outside his house in 2013. Exploring the lines of consent and the erotics of power, the young men reveal their own stories through role play and physical movement.

Deeply self reflexive, and ponderous of the role of authenticity in cinema the film boundary-crosses willingly to examine what it is that makes film so vital, but also how it can be that we find truth within the cinematic art. Offering a unique perspective on historical trauma and a powerful reflection on the nature of performance, this is a bold and dynamic approach to documentary cinema whilst also being a deeply personal examination of healing.

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