I remember once you needed me

I remember how we watched
the skies change, and we said goodbye
I remember, I remembered to wait.

This is either an elaborate documentation of an assault, or an audacious ploy to bring a ghost back to life. Assembling under the thematic of ‘intimacy’, a group of young men undergo a series of physical and mental workshop processes. They are readying themselves for actualising a sexual assault in performance, an event which occurred to the director in 2013 and became an emblem for the abuse which had affected his life.            

Utilising acting and embodiment exercises, as well as taking from psychodrama, the strangers create an empathic space under the watchful gaze of a creature who has been neglected, and the cameras of a documentary film crew. "I remember once you needed me" is an intimate exploration of healing, whilst also dissecting memory, power, and the nature of performance.

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