a cave drama

Artist Isabell Kinga Markus (@isabellkinga) reflects on the freefalling experience of lockdown, through the monochromatic murals she is painting on her studio walls.

Shot on hand-developed, push-processed 35mm B&W Kodak Tri-X 400 in May 2021.

I remember once you needed me

I remember how we watched
the skies change, and we said goodbye
I remember, I remembered to wait.

A director assembles a group of young men to meet under the watchful gaze of a documentary film crew, he is creating an elaborate re-staging of a sexual assault that occurred to him outside his house in 2013. Exploring the lines of consent and the erotics of power, the young men reveal their own stories through role play and physical movement.

Deeply self reflexive, and ponderous of the role of authenticity in cinema the film boundary-crosses willingly to examine what it is that makes film so vital, but also how it can be that we find truth within the cinematic art. Offering a unique perspective on historical trauma and a powerful reflection on the nature of performance, this is a bold and dynamic approach to documentary cinema whilst also being a deeply personal examination of healing.

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I don’t know your name

Finding a way to remove the shame from a sexual assault, a director psychodramatically re-stages the event using actors and documents the entire process.  

Describing the complexity of trauma through this single intimate encounter, documentary and performance techniques are used to narrativise a process of realisation.


“haptic and challenging hybrid film making…a genuinely innovative filmic form”
Emma Davies (Director of ‘I am Breathing’)

“a powerful exploration about how the past speaks to the present”
Amir George (Programmer True/False Film Festival)

“really powerful and moving… self-reflexive, first person filmmaking”
Treasa O’Brien (Director of ‘Town of Strangers’)

“this is a film about the complexity of depicting trauma in cinema and the vulnerability that artists place themselves under when sharing intimate experiences.”
Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival

Starring - Julian Triandafyllou, Daniel Lumsden, Lukasz Leskiewicz, Gabriel Reffati
Producer- Becky Manson
Cinematographer - Marios Lizides
Sound Design & Composer - Matt Zurowksi
Production Designer- Takahiro Ueno

2020, 12’

Read an essay exploring the film, and watch here


It's close to midnight. Jamie is just getting to work to begin his shift in a bakery in the Leith area of Edinburgh. He has 184 loaves to bake tonight, and he's on shift alone.

With Jamie Lindsay

2019, 5’52”

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The Way We Wait as Cinematographer

Desperately building against the inevitability of time, a restless young woman is awaiting another upcoming loss. But maybe more important things never seem to be told.

Soon after the director moves into her 22nd house, she gets a phone call that her Grandma, who lives far away, is in a critical condition. Elsewhere, a huge apartment made of sand is being constructed as the tide rolls in, while she belatedly tries to build a relationship with her Gran. As the camera sensitively observes how we wait for the upcoming days, the film embraces the fragility of life, full of uncertainty.

Open City Doc Festival 2020
DMZ Docs 2020,
Aesthetica 2020
IDFA 2020

The film is preserved at the Korean Film Archive

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