I remember once you needed me
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Assembling under the thematic of ‘intimacy’, a group of young men share a series of physical and mental workshop processes. They are readying themselves for the process of actualising a sexual assault in performance, an assault which occurred to the director in 2013 and is an emblem of the abuse which affected his life.    

Utilising acting exercises, trust games, embodiment and mindfulness exercises as well as taking from psychodrama the young men create an empathic space under the watchful gaze of a documentary film crew. The result is a depiction of care and kindness between a group of strangers, in sharing their own personal stories and experiences they help the director to express his.

An intimate exploration of psychological and physical healing, whilst also dissecting power, performance and the nature of human relationships.

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I don’t know your name

Finding a way to remove the shame from a sexual assault, a director psychodramatically re-stages the event using actors and documents the entire process.  

Describing the complexity of trauma through this single intimate encounter, documentary and performance techniques are used to narrativise a process of realisation.
Starring - Julian Triandafyllou, Daniel Lumsden, Lukasz Leskiewicz, Gabriel Reffati
Producer- Becky Manson
Cinematographer - Marios Lizides
Sound Design & Composer - Matt Zurowksi
Production Designer- Takahiro Ueno

2020, 12’

The Way We Wait as Cinematographer

I worked with with Ji Yoon Park to tell a complex story of loss through various strands; providing support to her both through filming itself, and also providing equipment for her to tell her own story (including my first camera, a Canon XL1S).

I also graded the film for her. 

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It's close to midnight. Jamie is just getting to work to begin his shift in a bakery in the Leith area of Edinburgh. He has 184 loaves to bake tonight, and he's on shift alone.

With Jamie Lindsay

2019, 5’52”

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