Man in the Dark is a dramatic reconstruction of an assault. It’s also a documentary about the making of that reconstruction. What looks like the story of two men meeting in the dark and ending up entwined for a brief, erotic moment, is actually a visualisation of trauma years after the fact.
Starring - Daniel Lumsden, Lukasz Leskiewicz, Gabriel Reffati
Producer- Becky Manson
Cinematographer - Marios Lizides
Sound Design & Composer - Matt Zurowksi
Production Designer- Takahiro Ueno

2019, 12’


It's close to midnight. Jamie is just getting to work to begin his shift in a bakery in the Leith area of Edinburgh. He has 184 loaves to bake tonight, and he's on shift alone.

With Jamie Lindsay

2019, 5’52”

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June Collier

Tracing the internal life of a figurative artist through her diaries, therapy tapes, music and conversation. The narrative reflects the artist's spiritual practise: meditating on- death, the creative process, and past trauma; whilst exploring the making of a new series of works based on her time in hospital, and her relationship with partner Richard.

2016, 45’

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as Cinematographer

Working with director Bernard Chauly we sought to tell the story of the concurrent refugee crisis unfolding on the Greek islands. The protagonist Bukhari, played by Bront Palarae, is undergoing large personal transformations while he chooses to volunteer on the island of Leros, in Greece.

Starring Bront Palarae, Lila Baklesi, and Aziz Capkurt
Produced by Wayang Works

2016, 92’